186 Series Form Printer Thurman's 186 Series is an easy-to-use form printer, designed to form style reports or tractor-fed reports. With rapid operation and automatic ticket dispensing, this printer allows the operator to handle other tasks. In just three seconds the pre-printed tickets are printed and you're on your way.

295 Series Ticket Printer The 295 series is a durable, ultra compact dot matrix ticket printer. Perfect for a variety of light industrial applications, it has an easy-to-use touch panel and automatic paper eject functions. The 295 easily handles high-speed printing on single, multi-ply, carbonleaf or carbonless scale tickets.

3550 Series Tape Printer Thurman's 3550 Series is a compact dot impact tape printer ideal for use as a receipt or audit trail printer. With a bi-directional printing system it achieves fast, accurate and dependable performance.

590 Series Ticket Printer The 590 series is a high speed, multi-function ticket printer, designed to handle high-volume, transaction processing applications. It can print the original ticket and up to four copies. Equipped with bi-directional logic seeking printing and wide slip capacity, it is also supported by Epson's standard ESC/POS' command system.
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